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Quick Release +Toilet Night Light + Self Cleaning

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Hot Water Bidet Attachment + Toilet Night Light + Quick Release | Aim to Wash! Platinum Series

Aim to Wash!


Aim to Wash!

Imagine a machine that Washes your butt. Now that's useful technology!

April 19, 2017

I'm living during some of the most interesting times on earth. Speaking in terms of the speed of the advancement of human technology in the... Read More

What's holding you back from trying a Bidet for the first time?

April 18, 2017

You know the feeling of jumping into a cold lake or a swimming pool? How about the feeling of doing something that scares you? The... Read More

A new approach to recycling!

February 21, 2017

Featured article written by the lovely Keisha Nicholson from South University, Savannah.   A New Approach to Recycling Glass, paper, aluminum cans, plastic, and metal are typically thought... Read More

What's the big deal with washing your butt anyways?

February 15, 2017

Okay so by now you either wash your butt, know someone who washes their butt or have heard of someone that washes their butt. The... Read More