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TOTO Washlet S350e Additional Feature Spotlight

Clean and Simple Now Smarter Than Ever

Cleansing with warm water after using the toilet provides an exceptionally clean feeling. The Washlet's self-cleaning wand is fully adjustable, allowing users to set the precise temperature and spray type for comfortable intimate cleansing. The Washlet S350e is the pinnacle of TOTO's Washlet bidet seats.

In additon to the Standard Washlet Features the S350e Includes

ewater+ - The TOTO Washlet bidet seat creates electrolyzed water, which is then sprayed into the bowl after every use. This same electrolyzed water is used to rinse the wand before and after every use. Another feature is that the ewater+ automatically sprays into the bowl after 8 hours of inactivity to help maintain freshness.

Premist - A light mist is sprayed onto the dry bowl to make the surface more slippery.

Auto Open and Close Seat and Lid - Lid opens upon your approach. You can also set the auto open feature to open both the seat and lid. The seat and lid will also close on your departure.

Instantaneous Heated Water - An always available, continuous stream of warm water.

Night Light - An indirect night light helps guide you in the dark.

Wide Front Cleanse - A larger radius, low pressure, soft, and comfortable spray.

5 Settings Water Temperature Control - Range of 5 comfortable warming temperature cleanses.

Air Dryer - A range of 5 air dryer temperatures.

5 Settings Heated Seat - 5 temperature settings for the heated seat.

Air Deodorizer - An automatic deodorizer to mask unpleasant odors.

Remote Control - Backlit button remote with two user presets. Remote can also be used to open/close seat and lid.

Pulsating Cleanse - Allows the user to choose a bidet spray where the pressure of the water fluctuates providing a soothing rinse experience.

Energy Saving Features - Washlet can automatically predict common usage times or can be manually preset to conserve with a 3, 6, 9 hour manual timer.

TOTO Washlet Standard Features (Included)

  • Rear Cleanse
  • Soft Rear Cleanse
  • Front Cleanse
  • Oscillating Cleanse
  • 5 Settings for Water Pressure
  • Wand Position Adjustment
  • SoftClose Seat and Lid
  • Heated Seat
  • Quick Release Seat for Ease of Cleaning
  • Self-Cleaning Wand
  • Auto Energy Saver
  • Seat Sensor
  • Water Temperature Control
  • Wand Cleaning Mode

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