Wipe or Wash? A side by side comparison

September 29, 2017

Wipe or Wash? A side by side comparison

We live in a world of opposing forces and view points. Good and Evil, the Left or the Right, the Optimists or the Pessimists. Most recently another category has  been getting a lot of attention. The Wipers and the Washers. There are Billions of people doing Both. There must be some merit to both I guess. Otherwise so many people wouldn't be doing it. I guess it is mostly a necessity. It is just that people in different parts of the world aren't necessarily dealing with the issue the same way. 

Here in America, the culture, the upbringing and the industry standard has been to wipe your posterior after the process of elimination. I don't want to get too much into the why this is the way it is. I do want to point out the fact that even though we have a lot of Wipers in this country we also have a lot of Washers. You don't need a Doctor to tell you that Washing is more effective than Wiping with dry Toilet Paper. However, it isn't that well understood either. Otherwise everyone would be Washing their butts in this country. 
Let's compare the two shall we? Below you can get an exclusive look of what both these actions actually look like while you are performing them.  

Side-by-Side you decide!

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One of them cleans everything in it's way with accuracy and speed while the other spreads shit around like a butter knife spreading cream cheese on a piece of toast. Now you should be asking a very valid question right now. Fine let's assume Washing is a better way of cleaning. How the hell am I supposed to dry my self after I Wash? More importantly how am I supposed to Wash myself? 

well, you wash yourself with a Product that has been designed to Wash your Posterior. It's called a Bidet and it comes in many shapes and forms. What is cool about it is that some Bidets will help you eliminate TP by up to 80%. This means they will Wash your butt and will require a little bit of TP to dry after each use. On the other hand some Bidets, mostly referred to as Bidet Seats, will even dry you after the Washing process. This means they can effectively eliminate your consumption of toilet paper by 100%.  

The only question that should remain on your mind should be which type of Bidet is right for you. Not whether or not you should Wipe or Wash. You know what I mean? Comment below:

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