Why you need a Toilet Night Light!

October 11, 2016

Why you need a Toilet Night Light!

Yes it is true. Our Aim to Wash Chrome Series Bidet Attachment comes with Dual LED Night Lights. It illuminates your toilet bowl ever so beautifully.


But why you ask? The answer is quite simple. 

You see, many of us make frequent trips to the bathroom during the night. The worst thing one can do during those visits is to turn on the lights. It will shock any ounce of sleep left in you and ruin your entire night. Having to get up mid sleep is enough of an inconvenience. This is why a gentle Blue illumination around the toilet bowl can be the difference maker you desperately need. Did I forget to mention it helps the men in the household aim better at night? 


Aside from functionality it is pretty darn cool as well. Let's face it, it is about time that we added some technology to our toilets. We barely pay any attention to the place we spend quite a bit of time in on a daily basis. You are welcome! On a side note:

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