We made The Huffington Post's travelling entrepreneurs Gift Guide!

December 19, 2016

As a travelling entrepreneur and a Bidet user, there isn't a day I find my self in a Hotel without missing my Bidet. It is simply one of those great luxuries in life that is very easy to get used to. Like everything else in life you appreciate it more when you can't have it. Some of the more fortunate travelers sometimes find themselves in Hotels that have Bidets. That makes life a little more enjoyable. Yet, nothing feels like coming to your own home and using your own Bidet.

In the article below, featured on The Huffington Post, Nadeet Mehta puts a clever spin on this issue. I'll let you read it in his own words:

"When you feel like you’re living in hotels more than in your home you may be lucky enough to have the luxurious spa-like comfort of the bidet. Bring that comfort home with you with the Aim to Wash Bidet Attachment for your home bathroom enjoyment. Use the Aim to Wash to live like royalty."

Which makes you think. Do you come across Bidets in places other than your own Bathroom? Or do you miss your Bidet when in Bathrooms other than your own?

Anyways you can check out the article here. It has a lot of other great ideas for last minute Christmas gift for your Traveling Entrepreneur. I am sure they would enjoy them for any occasion. 

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