Squatting Vs. Sitting

November 04, 2016

Squatting Vs. Sitting

You know what has been a topic of great discussion recently? The Squatting Vs. Sitting debate. Now, I have personally lived in parts of the world where squatting has been a normal way of using the Toilet. In these parts they have Toilets that are specifically designed for Squatting. Now I am not really a fan of these toilets for more reasons than one. Every time I had to use them it wasn't by choice. I found it very inconvenient and tiring for the thighs. The upside was that because your legs would get tired from squatting, you would handle your business faster and get out of there. This is what they look like:

With recent studies shining light on this matter, there appears to be a scientific reason for why I was able to get out of there faster. Apparently, sitting down on a Western Toilet is not the most ideal way for the human body to defecate. This is because the Anorectal angle that sitting on toilets create, causes the Pubocrectalis Muscles to wrap around the rectum. Preventing a smooth passage for feces. Squatting however, actually widens the Anorectal angle allowing for a straighter passage. Sort of like the illustration below:


Now that is all great to know. What does that mean for us living in the Western world? Well, it means that we could be pooping more efficiently. With less pressure exerted which could sometimes cause things like hemorrhoids. So should you throw away your Toilet and get a Squatting one? Not just yet. You could actually put yourself in the squatting position by using a stool placed in front of your toilet. Sort of like the image below:



These stools have recently come on the market and have been gaining a lot of traction among consumers very rapidly. You can purchase them for about $40 USD and they can be tucked away when not in use. There are even some fold-able models that allow you to hide them or take them with you. Sort of like the image below:


Squatty Potty


Toilet Stool


Now I am all about pooping like a Boss. After all, I started a Bidet company for that very reason. This is why I decided to test it for my self. I definitely saw major improvements in the flow of things. I believe the distance of the stool to the toilet and also it's height will make an impact. I think there is a sweet spot that people can achieve. All in all I have still kept the stool because I think it is making a difference. I will be updating this post as I get more feedback. For the time being I think you should give it a try too. The reason why is simple. We are Mammals. We were designed by nature for nature. Not by Toilet designers. Nature seems to be favoring the Squatting position for most Mammals. Like this very cute Pug pooping cupcakes. 


Squatting vs Sitting

That is a good enough reason for me. Check out the video below for a little bit of a more thorough explanation as featured on WebMD.com


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