Imagine a machine that Washes your butt. Now that's useful technology!

April 19, 2017

Imagine a machine that Washes your butt. Now that's useful technology!

I'm living during some of the most interesting times on earth. Speaking in terms of the speed of the advancement of human technology in the past 100 years. Being roughly 30 years young today means that I've experienced some of the most phenomenal achievements of humanity, in a fairly short period of time. I just missed the first 70 years which was a bit slower to come around. I know a thing or two about how things were at the dawn of all this change and how things are today. Sometimes very hard to keep up with. I experienced not having a Microwave oven and having one. The same goes for Washers and Dryers, Dishwashers, Computers, Smart Phones and of course the Internet. All of these conveniences didn't seem necessary at first.


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We had lived without them just fine prior to their coming. However, when they came to market and became more and more affordable and therefore adoptable by the masses, they became necessities. At least in the Western Lifestyle. In marketing we say it like this. The customer needs and wants my product. They just don't know it yet.
Wiping your butt is not a pleasurable task. It's not something people generally enjoy doing. We just pretty much deal with it because we have to. When during the most pivotal times in all of human history there comes a way for you to eliminate the act of wiping your own butt after you eliminate, you should consider a number 2 strategy for number 2. In lament terms: Dude, you don't have to wipe your own ass anymore. Like it's over man. Those days are gone. We free. We did it young world! They will look back at us and say it was in that century that mankind finally became the first ever species to stop taking toilet hygiene advice from bears like the rest of the animals. Apparently when it comes to wiping your ass, a bear not only shits in the wood, but also gives you pointers on how to maintain hygiene after you poop.
So what if we figured out a way to get the dirty work done for us. So what if we don't have to wash our own clothes, dishes, cars or asses ourselves. That doesn't make us lazy or spoiled. Bish this is the future. deal with it. Aim to Wash!

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