How to clean your Bidet Attachment

October 31, 2016

How to clean your Bidet Attachment

Bidet Attachments are a great tool for cleaning your behind. You aren't the only one that needs cleaning though. Your Bidet Attachment requires cleaning as well. We recommend that you clean your Bidet anytime you clean your Toilet. In the past our Bidet Attachments were harder to clean. This was because to clean all the hard to reach areas, people had to uninstall the toilet seat. This prevented people from taking the time to thoroughly clean the device. We heard your feedback and decided to design a mechanism to solve this problem.


By creating a Patented mechanism that allows you to slide off the Bidet Attachment without having to uninstall the seat it self. This provides you with an ingenious way to easily remove the Bidet. Once removed, you can wipe clean all around the Bidet it self, alongside all the hard to reach places on the toilet seat. We have the only design that is able to provide you with this convenience.

How to clean a Bidet


Most of our Bidet Attachments have yet another cool feature. They have a self cleaning function for the nozzles. This allows you to rinse off the nozzle with high pressure before or after each use. What I personally like to do is to spray some cleaning solution on and around the nozzles anytime I'm leaning the toilet. I then use the self cleaning mode to wash off the cleaning solution. This way I know the nozzles are completely sanitized for use.


What are some of the tricks you use to keep your Bidets clean?

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