5 Times you went paperless without your world coming to an end!

June 29, 2017

5 Times you went paperless without your world coming to an end!

We are officially at the half way point of 2017. A lot is happening in the world. It seems to be that earthlings are finally on the path to sustainable living. Aside from a few politicians and businessmen here and there most people agree that we need to reduce our waste in all aspects. We got cars going electric, Packaging going recyclable and most things requiring paper going paperless. Below you will find 5 instances where we made the switch to paperless in which your life actually improved. 

1) Cash


This is a scenario where the change has been in the works for many decades. Perhaps one of the hardest transitions will have to do with the way we would exchange legal tender. However, just think about how much our lives has improved ever since we started spending money in a digital format as opposed to paper form. As a matter of fact allowing money to go paperless through the use of Credit Cards is what evolved the internet to be the platform for almost everything we do in life. Prior to the internet money going paperless revolutionized the retail industry. 


2) Bills


It took a while to master but I am sure by now most people choose to go paperless for billing and statements alike. Even the most organized of us would enjoy the benefits a digital archive of all their bills and statements can have as opposed to keeping physical records of things. They are more searchable, more accessible and take virtually no space. Don't get me started about how much paper is consumed around the world just to print bills on. To make things worst, don't tell me how many millions of people end up throwing the same very piece of paper straight into the trash after a quick glance.


3) Boarding Passes


I was travelling the other week. I couldn't help but notice the surprising number of people that are actually scanning their boarding passes on their smart phones. This is great. Someone should google how many boarding passes we go through in a year, worldwide. I'm busy right now writing a blog otherwise I would do it. Aside from the fact that it is less wasteful it is way more convenient. Convenience seems to be an easy indication of whether or not a change of this scale will be adopted by the masses. 


4) Paper Towels in Public Restrooms


Remember those crappy hand dryers that would take ages to dry your hands. We all wished that the facility had paper towels to go with it. No one liked standing in front of a slow hand dryer for 120 seconds while rubbing their own hands while having two other people standing in line to do the same thing while giving each other looks. Phew, forgot to breath in between that sentence. Anyways, now thanks to technology those hand dryers have come a long way haven't they? Now you just insert your hands in and air blades will remove any wetness within 10 to 15 seconds. That's why you totally don't mind drying your hands without paper anymore. Am I right or am I right?


5) Photos


This must be one of the biggest one. It toppled entire industries over when it happened. With the emergence of digital cameras and expansion in the capabilities of our memory cards we decided to ditch the traditional photo as we know it. Everything became digital and stopped taking space. So what did we do? We started taking thousands of pictures instead of 10 or 20. Instead of having 5 or 10 photo albums we now have 5 or 10 gigs worth of photo that we carry with us always and can access from anywhere in the world. 




You want to know what paper product will get ditched next? Toilet Paper. The change will be gradual and will take a while to take place like most examples that you read about above. However, have no doubt that it will take place. What is it that makes this possible? If you paid attention to the previous examples it will be clear that the emergence of a particular technology laid the infrastructure which allowed for a transition into a better more convenient method. Disruption is key. With the emergence of tools that allow you to ditch the paper, the paper will get ditched over time by an increasing number of people. There will be a point in time that you will be frowned upon for being the last man who is still using Toilet Paper. Sort of like how weird you sound if you went into a store and asked for camera film. Since the new way will bring about a new found level of convenience, once people make the switch they will never look back. Luckily this change has also been taking place for the last few decades. We are at a very pivotal point in the disruption of this particular market. It is for this reason that I Aim to Wash! I guess I can sort of see into the future. Don't worry you will join in sooner or later as well.

Can you think of a few more examples? leave a comment below.

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