10 reasons to buy a Bidet!

October 12, 2016

10 reasons to buy a Bidet!

Just to set the record straight, I can list way more than 10. However, I know time is of the essence and you'll get the point by the 6th one. Here's the top 10:

1) You don't have to Wipe your own ass anymore. Turn the knob, wash your ass and use a few squares of TP to dry off.


    Grandpa has a point! Always go hands free! #bidet #aimtowash

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    2) Reduce TP consumption by over 80%. When you don't have to wipe over and over, you conserve paper. When you Aim to Wash, the only TP you use is to dry off after each use. Less than 20% of what you would use otherwise. 



      3) Avoid unexpected trips to the store because you realized at midnight that the last roll ran out. 



        4) Avoid irritation and rashes that result from over wiping with TP. It feels like Sand Paper after the 3rd wipe doesn't it?


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          5) Save money. An average person spends $57 per year on TP. Quadriple that for a household of 4. You can buy a Bidet attachment for about $50. It pays for it self in 3 months for a family of 4. 



            6) Feel fresh after each use. You don't have to hop in the shower everytime you use the toilet. You can certainly feel like you just hopped out of the shower when you Aim to Wash!



              7) It is the most Hygienic method. Seriously do I need to remind you that you wash everything else in your life that requires cleaning.


                When you put it that way.... #aimtowash #bidet #itsjustwater #bidetsfordays

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                8) It's doing your part for the environment. Did you know 27000 trees a day are cut down just so you could wipe your butt?


                  We got #bidetsfordays! You are just too scared of water aren't ya? After all, what would you do if you got some water on you? Will you be able to go on? Will life ever be the same? But what will the toilet paper holder hold if tissue is no longer an issue? I know what your thinking. You've never experienced the sensation of water on your body. Who has? Plus, why would the cuddly bear in the commercials use toilet paper for soo many years if it wasn't the best thing since sliced bread? It's true if it's on TV. Wash that butt or we will wash it for you! I'm being totally serious. It's like we deployed an army of butt washers to make sure there is no asshole left behind. I'm talking to you asshole! #aimtowash #conspiracy #conspiracytheory #cottonelle #bidet #charmin #pottymouth

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                  9) It is so easy to provide yourself with the means of better hygiene thanks to the convenience of the Bidet Attachments. Before that, you really had no practical way to wash up. 



                    10) Last but not least. You can keep your hands free to do whatever you like doing while using the Loo. Washing up can be hands free and mess free. 



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                        BONUS: It comes with a Toilet Night Light!


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